Apple Pulls App from App Store that Sneakily Added Internet Tethering

An application was recently approved by Apple [AAPL] that acted as a flashlight. The app was called Handy Light and from a quick look at it, it appeared to be a flash light app that simply lit up the iPhone so you could see better in the dark.

Nick Lee, the developer of the Handy Light app, managed to sneakily insert some code that enabled tethering on the iPhone. The app cost $1 and by tapping a sequence of colours on the screen a hidden function enabled the tethering features of the iPhone.

The reasons we believe it was pulled was not only for sneakily adding code in and pulling the wool over Apple’s eyes, but it also allowed users to access tethering which would normally cost those on AT&T [T] an extra $20/month.

Using the app was quite simple in that you just needed to set up an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network on the computer you wanted to get on the internet with. You then assign it an IP address of and configure SOCKS proxy on your computer. Once the light sequence was entered correctly, tethering became available.

We doubt that Handy Light will be allowed back in now.

Via: Wired

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