Apple Pico Projector Patent

Apple [AAPL] have filed a patent for a pico projector system and from what patentlyapple have found out, they are taking the research to the next level and looking at ways to integrate them in to the next level of hardware.

The way Apple describe the system it seems that they may either make a dedicated pico projector device that connects up to a device such as an iPhone that will be used to remote control the projector.

Integrating a projector in to an Apple iPhone or Apple iPad could be handy allowing for presentations to be done to sound ideas off with a few colleagues before a larger presentation is done.

If a projector was integrated in to a mobile device it would allow many things to be done such as sales people to quickly present information without having to carry around dedicated devices and literally be able to set up presentations wherever they are.

The patent also discusses a projector “in some cases” having a wireless router inside allowing it to act as a hub, perhaps for several devices to easily connect up to it.

PatentlyApple have the full run down of the patent and what’s included in it. The graphic below shows a number of possible applications the system might have.

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