Apple Patent shows Mobile Social Networking App

Some patents have been found that show Apple are working on a new mobile social media networking application for the iPhone. The new software is known as iGroups and allows mobile phone users to easily exchange information more easily. The patent shows that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) have also taken privacy in to consideration.

From what we learn in the patent it appears that both Wi-fi and Bluetooth are used to work out proximity providing a virtual GPS unit. That particular method of collecting your location is if you do not have a GPS enabled device. By using a WiFi connection or Bluetooth with another device it can still provide an approximate location that lets you network with others.

The patent of course doesn’t show something that will definitely happen although with the amount of detail contained within, we’d be surprised if it didn’t show up.

The graphic below shows some of the patent and how it will all work and as usual, Patently Apple have a huge post about all the finer details of the iGroup patent. Just on a side note, an application with that name already exists in the App store which Apple might have to work with if this launches as an App called that.

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