Apple Patent Shows Jonny Lee 3D Style Head Tracking Interface

3D-Hyper-Reality-DisplaysApple [AAPL] have filed another patent that describes interaction with 3D displays. The system works by changing what you see on screen in relation to where your head is. A similar system was created by Jonny Lee where he used a Nintendo Wii remote along with infra red to make a head tracking system (seen in the video below).

The system patented by Apple allows users to see around objects by changing the position of their head. The normal way to do this now is to move an object with a mouse or keyboard, but in the future this might not be needed.

It’s interesting that Apple have patented this and makes you wonder where display technology will be heading in the future. To see what they system might work like, check out the video below from Jonny Lee who has spent a few years working on this type of project. If you forward to about 2:40 you will see a demonstration seen with and without headtracking enabled.

Via: MacRumors

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