Apple Patent Reveals Accessory Transceiver for iPod

Interesting information can be found whilst looking at patents filed. The latest we came across today comes from Apple [AAPL] that reveals plans for an accessory transceiver. The accessory transceiver could be used in the iPod touch which would effectively give it the ability to make phone calls and receive text messages.

It is believed that the device could act like the Peel case we wrote about a while back that you basically put your iPod inside to give it a mobile phone signal.

The device is not intended for just the iPod though and could potentially be used for the iPhone its self. You’re probably wondering at this point, why you’d want to add mobile phone functionality to a mobile phone… well, Apple also indicate that CDMA could be part of the device which would mean you could then use your iPhone on a different network to a GSM network.

Going back to the use of this on the iPod touch, there is also the possibility that it could switch the device in to an iPad type device that doesn’t do voice calls with built in software (unless you use VoIP software), but does have 3G allowing users to get data and receive FaceTime calls whilst on the move.

Looking at FaceTime on the iPod touch, it does have a weakness in that you have to be in a wireless hotspot and connected up to receive a FaceTime call. This kind of makes the current system clumsy. Adding a 3G case, so to speak, to the iPod touch, would allow users to receive calls where ever they are.

As with all patents though, just because it is a patent it doesn’t mean that the company creating it are going to use it any time soon.

Via: PocketNow

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