Apple OS X 10.7 Already being Worked On

apple-snow-leopard-apple-storeApple [AAPL] are apparently already working on the next update to OS X which for now we’ll assume it’s called 10.7. The rumour started because of someone tracking down a database of changes to open source launchd framework which mentions a different error referencing a Mac OS X build number.

The 47 part indicates the build number with the letter before it indicating what type of update it is with A appearing to be more of a major update rather than a 10.6.2 style update for example.

It is unknown for sure if this is the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple continue on working around the year on new updates to OS X. It is believed also at this point that the 10.7 update will see a number of end-user changes.

Via: MacRumors

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