Apple Motion Control Keyboard Could Replace Mouse

The diagram here shows a concept idea from a patent which indicates Apple has looked in to, or considered, getting rid of the mouse and replacing it with motion sensors on the keyboard.

Patent applications are not an indication of what will happen, but an indication of where Apple might choose to go. This latest patent shows the sensors on the keyboard that essentially convert it in to a hybrid keyboard.

The sensors can detect motion around the top 5 rows of the keyboard. By sensing movement of the right hand, the pointer on the screen will move around as required. The left hand could then be used as the key press hand to double click, single click or whatever is needed.

Over the last forty years there have been numerous attempts made to introduce an alternative to the standard keyboard. The changes include, but are not limited to, non-QWERTY layouts, concave and convex surfaces, capacitive keys, split designs, membrane keys, etc. However, although such alternative keyboards may provide improved usability or ergonomics, they have failed to replace or duplicate the commercial success of the conventional mechanical keyboard.

To sense movement around the keyboard, Apple would use 4 sensors with 2 located above the function keys and 1 each side of the keyboard. Two modes would then be used which include the regular typing mode and the mouse mode.

What are your thoughts on the Motion Control Keyboard? Will it fail just like those types of keyboards mentioned in the quote above? or is Apple on to something good here? I’m not sure I’m ready to drop the physical keyboard with separate mouse just yet.

Via: MacRumors

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