New Apple MobileMe Released

Apple [AAPL] has updated the MobileMe Calendar for Mac and with the update, has introduced a bunch of new features to the software. The new features have been designed to make it easier to use as well as giving users more power.

The new MobileMe Calendar update brings the ability to share calendars. When sharing a calendar with other users, you get the ability to specify rights of those accessing the calendar. The rights are simple in that you can choose to give no access, read access or read/write access.

The MobileMe Calendar is also compatible with iOS 4.1 for the iPhone although the iPad on the current iOS is not compatible with push updates for some reason. However, that will be fixed with iOS 4.2 launches in a few weeks time.

For those already using the MobileMe calendar, you need to log in to and click the Upgrade Now button at the bottom left of the screen.

Those who created a new account after October 1 2010 will automatically be using the new calendar. This include new family pack sub-account calendars also.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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