Apple MobileMe Could be Going Free

We are hearing rumours today indicating that Apple [AAPL] could be making the MobileMe service free for all users.

Normally the service costs $99/year on a subscription basis and provides a number of features such as cloud based email, storage, photo galleries as well as the ability to sync contacts, calendars and bookmarks across a range of computers and phones. Another feature is Find My iPhone that allows users to track down their iPhone if lost, or remotely kill it if stolen.

The downside right now is obviously the cost with what seems to be a number of people just ignoring the service.

The rumours are saying that MobileMe will soon become free of charge to all users and that Apple are just waiting for their new server farm to become active in North Caroline which I assume is to handle the influx of iPhone and iPad users wanting to utilise the service.

Of course this is just a rumour at the moment though, but hopefully it leads to being true as the services that MobileMe do offer are quite impressive, I’m just not convinced that they are impressive enough to have to pay for them considering there’s a number of alternatives out there that can work together to achieve similar results.


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