Apple Magic Trackpad Hacked to run on USB Power

If you think using an Apple Magic Trackpad with batteries is a waste of energy and time (as in charging time) then this USB power hack could work for you.

The hack uses a battery sized adapter that feeds the trackpad with the juice it needs to run. A cable runs out of the side of the battery compartment and on to a USB port to get 5V of power.

There’s a couple of problems with it though. First is that it seems a shame to hack up a Magic Trackpad like that. If you can get over that little design issue then the other problem is that a USB port provides 5 volts and the Magic Trackpad needs about 3.

According to Mark Bog, the creator of the Magic Trackpad USB power hack, he hasn’t seen any issues with providing a bit more voltage to the unit.

Via: Hackaday and Macrumors

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