Apple Magic Mouse Launched

apple-magic-mouse-4Along with a big update to a number of Apple products yesterday, Apple [AAPL] have also launched the new Magic Mouse. The mouse is the worlds first multi touch mouse allowing you to use anywhere on it’s surface to click on.

To use the mouse you need to brush a finger along the surface of it to scroll in any direction along with the ability to pan a full 360 degrees. Various other gestures can be used with the mouse including the use of two fingers, swipe left or right that allows you to skim through pages.

The multi-touch abilities stem from what started on the iPhone where a new way to interact with a screen was first used. Following the iPhone the iPod Touch also got this and then the technology moved in to touchpads on devices sich as the MacBook pro.

The Apple Magic Mouse costs $69 and is available over on the Apple site.




Via: Geeky Gadgets

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