Apple MacBook Teardown

Apple [AAPL] launched a new 13 inch MacBook a few days ago that included a 10 hour battery life along with NVIDIA GeForce 320M integrated graphics and new processors.

iFixit decided to teardown the new MacBook, as they do with a lot of new gadgets, and took a look at what exactly was inside. A few highlights include the battery which measures the same size and is the same shape, but managed to get a rating of 63.5Wh compared to the older 60Wh battery used in the older model. The battery weighs just a few grams more than the older one and can actually be switched out to an older model to provide a bit of extra juice.

The layout of the new MacBook is similar to the older model and parts from the old can be used to fix the new in most cases.

The NVIDIA GeForce 320M was confirmed to be inside (who doubted it would be anyway?) and other chips found in the MacBook include a Realtek RTL8251CA for Ethernet along with a Cirrus Logic 4206ACNZ for audio and a CYPRESS CY8C24 16k Flash PSoC and a dual TDK 6T213HF package.

All the screen shots can be found over at iFixit where you can see the usual detailed step by step guide on how to take apart the MacBook.

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