Apple MacBook Pro Upgrade Prices Dropped

apple_macbook_proAlong with all the new announcements last week of the iMac, MacBook and Mac Mini the prices of RAM and CPU upgrades for the MacBook Pro quietly dropped.

From last week onwards you are now able to get a MacBook Pro (high end model) for just above $1000 which shaves a few hundred off the price. Also AppleInsider have reported that the Australian Apple store has also reduced prices on MacBook Pro configurations with the 17″ model dropping by up to $700 AUD down from $4000 to $3300 AUD.

It looks like now is a good time to buy if you are specifically looking to get a new Apple MacBook Pro, or even if you settle for a new MacBook there are some very good prices out there.

One thing to possibly note is that Apple could be launching a new MacBook Pro and hence, trying to shift some older stock in preparation for it. That though is just my opinion but something to consider when purchasing a new system.

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