Apple MacBook Pro getting an Update? – Lack of Supplies Could Indicate it

A number of people are waiting for Apple [AAPL] to update the Apple MacBook Pro. Last week it was reported that Intel had a lack of chips which could be a contributing factor to the delays of the much anticipated update.

Reports have also said recently that MacBook Pro supplies have suddenly become constrained which could also indicate a huge lack of chips problem, or perhaps that they are selling off the last bits of stock they have to launch the next iteration of the MacBook Pro. We obviously hope for the latter as will many other readers.

One reader of MacRumors decided to email Steve Jobs about his concerns…

The email reads…”I recognise the need for secrecy etc but I am really losing heart in the lack of vision for the MBP and Mac Pros. Not expecting a response but as someone who has personally switched dozens of people onto the mac way this is a sad email for me to compose.”

Steve Jobs does occasionally respond to emails sent to his inbox and usually with a very short 1 – 3 word answer. The same sort of response arrived back saying simply… “Not to worry.”

Could that indicate that all is actually OK and a new MacBook Pro is on it’s way? Jobs is never one for replying with a lot of words, probably due to secrecy etc… and the fact that 1000’s of emails must hit his inbox each day. We wont know for sure until something gets announced which we hope will be soon.

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