Apple Mac Pro gets 3.33GHz Processor

Apple-Mac-ProApple have updated the high-end Mac Pro computer with a bigger and better processor. The new processor is a 3.33GHz quad-core Intel Xeon that ads another $1,200 to the price of the Mac.

The better processor takes the price from $2,499 up to $3,699 although if you can settle for a 2.93GHz processor then you just add another $400 to the base price of $2,499.

The extra power provided by the Mac Pro’s new processor option certainly makes it a good option for for designers.

As well as being able to have a faster processor installed, Apple [AAPL] also give the option for 2TB drives to be added (up to 4 of them) at a cost of $350 per drive.

Although Apple haven’t made an official announcement about the new processor options, they actually are available now and you can order the new spec machines over on the Apple site.


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