Apple Launching a 22 Inch iMac with TouchScreen

Apple introduced a couple of iMac’s last year that had screens measuring 21.5 inches and 27 inches. Digitimes are now reporting that Apple [AAPL] are to introduce a 22 inch model that will function as an “all-in-one” type device complete with a multi-touch screen.

I doubt the iMac all in one is going to be announced at the Apple event next week, but perhaps we will see the new iMac launched later on this year.

Production of the 22 inch iMac will go to Quanta and Sintek Photronic are apparently supplying the touchscreens for the unit.

It will be an interesting year for Apple if they do launch an iSlate, 4th Gen iPhone and a 22 inch all-in-one mac. We’ll get the details out as soon as we know more.

Via: Digitimes


  1. james braselton says

    hi there i want a ssd in my 22 inch itouch screen imac for hard core gaming say like 64 gb 128 gb 256 gb 512 gb 1 tb or 2 tb ssd

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