Apple iTunes Streaming Music and Video Could Arrive Q3

We could be seeing music streamed from the Apple iTunes store as early as July according to a report over on CNET. The report on CNET mentions that many were expecting the streaming content service to start this weekend with the launch of the Apple iPad [AAPL], but this is not going to be happening this weekend.

As well as streaming music, the potential of streaming video is also a possibility although Apple and various studios haven’t done too much in regards to this aspect.

In terms of the Apple iPad, it is expected that visuals will be the way forwards with this device. The larger screen is suited to viewing rather than using it as an oversized MP3 player and therefore, Apple needs to concentrate on getting video content on to the device.

This time around, it’s all about visuals: Hollywood movies, video games, books, and newspapers. This is Apple’s crack at creating a device small enough to be mobile but big enough to provide comfortable reading and a mini-theater experience. Film and publishing industry insiders hope the iPad will catch on with the public, at least well enough to help steer big media out of a rocky transition period–one that NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker famously described as “trading analog dollars for digital pennies.”

Effectively we are not really any closer to knowing what the service will be about, but that Apple should be working on the movie side of things for the iPad. However, we are still to expect a Q3 launch at the moment although previous estimations of early this year and April 3rd have also fallen flat, so the real answer is that we don’t know when the services will arrive.

Via: AppleInsider

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