Apple iTunes 9.1 Jailbreak iPhone Syncing Problems

If you have a Jailbreak’d Apple iPhone and are thinking about downloading iTunes 9.1 which was launched yesterday then take a quick read of this first. Rather than saying there is definitely a problem, we have just heard that some users are having problems with syncing their iPhone to iTunes 9.1.

First impressions on this seemed to indicate Apple [AAPL] had made changes to iTunes 9.1 where they could detect an iPhone that had been jailbreaked, however, it seems like a simple solution to the problem is to just reboot.

Although we can’t be sure yet if Apple are trying to block phones that have been tampered with it might be worth leaving the update for now unless you are planning on getting an Apple iPad this weekend where the new update will be needed

The information came from BGR who had a number of readers email them saying they were now having problems with syncing their devices. However, not all are reporting this problem with some suggesting their iPhone is actually ok still.

In the comments we see that a good resolution to the problem is a simple reboot of your PC/Mac with one comments walking through changing a registry setting.

As many people are commenting that all is ok after a reboot, you should perhaps try that first although if that fails I’d also suggest a reboot of your iPhone and maybe try uninstalling your USB ports and letting them reinstall automatically to see if something had preventing them detecting your phone.

Either way, I’d be tempted to hang on a bit to see if any more problems are noticed with syncing a Jailbreaked iPhone to iTunes 9.1.


  1. Carole Rossiter says

    Rebooting both Mac & Windows did NOT help me

  2. tim nelson says

    since i downloaded itunes 9.1, itunes has started occassionally crashing on me. additionally, i can’t get all music info. to sync onto my ipod touch. for instance, when i sync music in the regular AAC format, not all of the lyrics i’ve downloaded sync w/ the ipod. then, when i sync using the 128 kbps AAC, none of the lyrics sync. when i play music, it will show that the lyrics are loading, but nothing ever happens. i can’t find anything that works.

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