Apple iSlate Rumors Rounded Up in to a Single Drawing

We are still no closer to really understanding if an Apple iSlate or Tablet will be launched by Apple [AAPL], but with an announcement coming up on January 27 the rumours still keep coming. Rather than provide a new rumour this cool infographic was created that basically summarises everything rumoured so far along with the likeliness of the rumour actually happening. The small image above shows all the rumours listed, but is posted larger below to make it easier to read.

Items included on the list show a unique user interface, different from the iPhone. A front facing camera, OLED screen, price of about $1,000 USD, to be called the iSlate as well as several more.

Check out the full graphic below to see what’s happening, what has been rumoured and perhaps if we will find out on January 27 if all this is true or not.

A full run down of rumours can be found over at TGRBlog.

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