Apple iSlate to be an iPhone on Steroids

Another Apple [AAPL] rumour hit late last night, this time from quite a credible source who hasn’t let BGR down in the past. The rumour is in relation to the Apple iSlate again. This time the source claims that the tablet is to basically be an iPhone on steroids and includes multi-touch gestures that were described as being “out of control”.

As well as hearing about the beefed up iPhone side of things the device is to be powered by an ARM CPU that runs incredibly fast. The kernel from the iPhone is used on the iSlate and it has a model number of K48AP (an internal name).

An iPhone update was due any time now according to the source, but as there is a lot of the iPhone in the iSlate the latest iPhone code has too many references which would give a lot of the iSlate information away… hence the delay for the next iPhone 3G S OS update.

Certainly interesting stuff and it’s certainly good to hear that it’s from quite a reputable source to BGR who has been spot on in the past with leaked info.

Lets see what happens on Jan 27 when the official announcement is expected to be made.

Via: BGR

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