Apple iSlate Concept

The Apple iSlate concept drawing was created by Rodolphe Desmare and shows what the Apple iSlate should look like. The concept drawing shows the tablet device as having a large 10 inch screen with no bezel and no buttons.

As the whole idea of a tablet is to have a screen to work with we can understand fully why no physical buttons on the front surface would be needed or wanted. If a “home button” was to be found then they could tuck it away on the side of the device or just create an onscreen close all button.

The back of the device will probably be aluminium or something durable that can keep it both light weight and slim.

As with all concepts/rumours etc… we probably wont find out till towards the end of this month (if that’s when Apple do announce an iSlate or Tablet style device).

Interestingly enough, Wired just started up a new competition allowing you to win an Apple iSlate. The competition is interesting as of now they are offering the chance to win an iSlate on the 1st Jan 2011 (yes, almost a year away). To enter you just need to fill in a simple form that asks how many times Wired will mention the iSlate device this year. When they open up the spreadsheet with answers next year they will pick a winner. If an iSlate or tablet type device exists then the winner will get one. If not then oh well… you’ll just get a wired subscription for free. Competition details here.

Via: Gizmodo

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