Apple iPod Touch gets Camera

The Vietnamese site has managed to get another breaking news story where the guys there managed to get hold of an Apple iPod Touch with a rear facing camera. The new iPod Touch looks the same as the previous iPod Touch other than the addition of a camera on the back.

The iPod Touch has been captured on video to give a brief demonstration of what it can do. However, it appears that the Touch is still in some sort of diagnostic mode similar to what the iPhone 4G was although the Touch gets to a very basic graphical interface that is usable. The camera seems to function as it should although there was no interface specifically for the camera to be used in. Instead, a group of icons showing various functions of the phone are displayed on this prototype model with a video feed in to one of the icons.

The full video can be found below showing exactly what the new iPod Touch looks like (assuming it’s not a fake of course).

The iPod Touch is not a final model by any means. The DVT-1 markings on the back of the device where the capacity is normally displayed is a good indication of that. It could be that we get the new iPod Touch with a new iPhone 4G look and that this prototype is just a test unit to see how it will all come together.

I doubt we will find anything from Apple on June 7th about this, but perhaps towards the end of the year we could look forwards to a new Touch being launched.


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