Apple iPhone Wi-Fi Syncs Unofficially

Some iPhone and iPod Touch users want the ability to use Wi-Fi to sync to their iTunes library. Right now there is no official way to do this and the only way to sync is by using the regular 30 pin connector via USB.

The video below shows an application loading up that allows the iPhone to do just that… sync to a computer wirelessly. From what we understand in the YouTube description, the application will be launched soon on the Apple app store which indicates it probably won’t require rooting your device.

The video below gives a demonstration of the Apple device syncing up where messages on the Mac and iPhone both simply ask to approve the connection and once approved the familiar slide to stop syncing message pops up.

We do not know the launch date, but according to the text it looks like it will be available soon which could indicate it’s in the approval process at the moment.

Via: UberGizmo

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