Apple iPhone wanted by Verizon CEO – No Confirmation if they will get it

The CEO of Verizon [VZ] has commented that his network wants the Apple iPhone.

Normally Ivan Seidenberg avoids iPhone related questions, but this time around he is quite open in that he has said…

“we’re open to getting the device,”and that “our network is capable of handling it.”

However, what wasn’t said is if confirmation from Apple [AAPL] has arrived about them actually getting it. Just a couple of weeks ago we found out that two iPhones were being built with one being a new model (either the iPhone HD or iPhone 4G – it’s rumoured names), we then heard a CDMA model was being created which could potentially be going to Verizon.

No confirmation has arrived yet, but with a rumoured CDMA (aka, Verizon compatible iPhone) and the Verizon CEO actually answering questions about it, it could mean that finally another network will get the phone in the US.

On April 8th there is a press event relating to iPhone OS 4. It is doubtful that any next gen iPhone announcements will be made though, but we do expect official announcements within the next few months (perhaps in June). [Engadget]


  1. What did you *REALLY* expect the CEO of Verizon to say?

    “We do *NOT* want 20 million new customers?”

    “Our network can *NOT* handle the iPhone?”

    • @Kim – As mentioned in the post we expected him to say nothing as usual. The point was that we were surprised that he actually didn’t avoid the question.

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