Apple iPhone Virtual Keypad – User gets 83 Words Per Minute

If you thought a physical keyboard was the only way to tap out a text message on a phone then think again.

Youtube user konceptzoflife successfully managed to tap out a message at an impressive 83 words per minute which is quite amazing if you ask me. The test was done on an Apple iPhone running some software called iTextSpeed to put the words on the page which are then typed in as fast as possible.

It’s quite amazing to see how quick the phone responds to the guys speedy thumbs and shows you how responsive the iPhone and it’s capacitive screen actually is. I tend to think that on my G1 or LG Arena that the phone would just not keep up with that much speed and accuracy.

The Youtube user is actually aiming for 90 words per minute and the video it’s self (shown below) shows his record of 81 words per minute, so there is some progress made already.

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