Apple iPhone Tethering to iPad Won’t Work – Not an AT&T Restriction

Earlier this week AT&T made a few changes to data plans for the iPhone and iPad which take effect starting June 7. For those who currently have a plan you can opt to keep it, ie a $30/month unlimited data plan. However with that plan you cannot use the soon to be launched iPhone tethering that is being made available in iPhone OS 4.0. To make use of that, you need to switch to a new 2GB plan for $25/month.

For those wanting to tether their iPad WiFi and iPhone together to use data that way, you are not in luck as a restriction (first thought to be an AT&T [T] restriction), but then confirmed as an Apple [AAPL] restriction has been put in place that prevents a bluetooth tethering connection between the two devices.

AT&T commented that it was due to there being no physical connection between the two devices which is correct, you can’t (as of yet), wire them up together. But Bluetooth is available on both devices and the iPhone is capable of bluetooth tethering. Unfortunately the iPad is not capable though, or perhaps the precise way of putting it is that it is capable, but just not enabled to do it.

I don’t yet think all hope is lost though as the Apple iPad is due to get iPhone OS 4.0 later on this year. Perhaps at this point they will enable Bluetooth tethering rather than launching an interim update.

Via: TechFlash

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