Apple iPhone Screen Protectors to get Removed from Apple Store

We are hearing today that Apple are about to remove all screen protectors for the Apple iPhone out of the Apple store. Screen protectors have been very common for a number of years with a lot of users wanting to protect their devices from scratches and scuffs.

Since the company (NASDAQ: AAPL) has launched their latest iPhone 3G S, the phone has contained a special coating on the screen that prevents almost all fingerprints and grease from forming on it keeping the surface shiny and smooth. It is not known at this time if the screen protectors are perhaps damaging the surface, or if Apple just don’t want to interfere with their screen technology.

Apple will remove screen protectors from about May onwards meaning that if you want to use a screen protector you’ll need to get one from a 3rd party company (which there are a lot of them about).

We might never get an explanation for the move, but hopefully it won’t cause too much upset for Apple iPhone users who want to use a screen protector.

Via: Macworld

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