Apple iPhone running Android – Installation Just got Easier

Over the past month or so we have been keeping an eye on the progress of a guy who has managed to get Google Android running on the Apple iPhone. When the Android update was made available, the steps could have been a little challenging for some people. This is no longer a worry now though as a developer has managed to get automatic installation of Google [GOOG] Android OS on the Apple [AAPL] iPhone 2G and 3G models.

The auto installer is called iPhodroid and automates the Android OS installation on the iPhone. Just before we go on to a few more details you need to take note that Android on the iPhone isn’t really usable. It does a number of things like browse the web, make calls, send/receive text messages and what not, but the developer who created the build hasn’t looked at any power-management functions yet which means your iPhone battery will be dead within the hour.

For those wanting to use the iPhodroid automatic Android installer, you’ll need to have a Mac. Windows folk, sorry (that includes me).

To get the Android OS on your iPhone you first, obviously need a compatible iPhone model which is either a 2G or a 3G and the iDevice must be running 3.1.2 and not the latest 3.1.3. Also the device needs to be jailbroke with PwnageTool, RedSn0w or Blackra1n but not Spirit. OpenSSD is needed and you need to be using the default password on that. Macfuse is needed and then iPhodroid.

To get it to work you simple need to install Macfuse and run iPhodroid. The process takes around 5 minutes according to FunkySpaceMonkey who have more detailed steps that you should go and read.

Now we just need someone to put iPhone OS on an Android device to see what happens there.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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