Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 brings iPod Controls to Dock

Engadget managed to find a few new things in the latest beta version of Apple iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3.

Included in this beta appears to be iPod controls that open up in the dock bringing a skip back, play and skip forward control to the lower portion of the screen. To access these controls it just requires a swipe left of the finger to the edge of the screen.

The icon pictured on the left isn’t clear what it actually does although Engadget do mention it could be a screen orientation lock.

BGR did a bit more hunting around and found a few new features which include file sharing. When tethering your iPhone OS 4.0 device to iTunes, an option allows you to drag and drop files on to your iPhone more easily than before. Apple [AAPL] have been quite restrictive in the past in terms of what files can be transferred and how they are transferred.

Next up is closing applications out that multitask. This is now done in a similar way that you delete icons. After pressing the home button twice you can then tap and hold on one of the icons in the dock and you then get the option to close the application down if not required any more.

Orientation lock is included in the OS 4.0 build allowing you to keep your phone in the orientation you want rather than letting the accelerometers decide. This function is very handy if wanting to read while laying down.

As we receive more details we’ll post them here.


  1. Herschel says

    I would like to find a iphone thats talk to talk capable.

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