Apple iPhone Opera Mini Browser is #1 in US

When Opera Mini launched for the iPhone a couple of weeks back it surprised us for a couple of reasons. First off, it showing up in the app store as an approved app was kind of unexpected and secondly over 1 million downloads occurred the day of launch.

TechCrunch looked further in to the numbers to see what they are like at the moment, and so far all is good. Currently the Apple iPhone is the third most popular handset around the world for Opera Mini users. Also the iPhone in the US is #1 on that list and the most popular handset. Before the launch of iPhone Opera Mini, BlackBerry held the number 1 spot.

As well as Opera Mini being the most popular on the iPhone in the US, the UK also holds the same ranking.

In March 2010, Opera Mini had over 55.2 million users, a 9.3% increase from February 2010. Combined, those users viewed more than 25.8 billion pages in March. Since March 2009, page views have increased 200%.

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