Apple iPhone FLPR Universal Remote Control

Just a few days ago we mentioned the iPhone RedEye universal remote control that used a device plugged in to the 3.5mm headphone jack of your iPhone to transmit signals to your TV, DVR and whatever else is remote controlled in your house.

Another company have come up with the FLPR universal remote control for the iPhone that uses the doc connector on the bottom of the phone to transmit IR signals to receiving devices. By adding the attachment to the bottom side of the phone it requires you flip the phone 180 degrees and use the upside down software.

FPLR lets multiple devices be controlled from the iPhone. Set up is easy in that you just connect the IR transmitter to the bottom of the iPhone, download the FLPR application from the App Store and then go through the menu’s searching for the devices you have in the database of 14,000 pre-programmed already in there.

FPLR claim that it’s 14,000 entries in it’s device database makes this system far easier than others as there is no need to program each of the devices. RedEye also has an extensive database of different electronic devices, so there’s probably not much difference between the two. FPLR also learns just like the others if the TV you have isn’t in the database so the choice really comes down to which application you think looks best and which hardware attachment you prefer to use.

FLPR is going on sale March 28 over at Best Buy costing $79.99.


  1. JULESFRASER1711 says

    My money would go on the Re from Newkinetix dotcom. If you are looking for the features of a high-end traditional universal remote, you will find them on the Re. You can easily setup Activity remotes that orchestrate the devices you need to watch TV, watch a DVD, or listen to music. My next setup step was to define a watch TV and watch DVD activity for the living room. You just name the activity and assign the devices you need and the groups of buttons you want from each device like audio control from the TV and menu and channel selection from the cable box. The Re automatically builds the remote that you can then customize for your use. You can setup one-touch TV programming lists for sports, news, movies, etc. Or you can setup favorite CD tracks or radio stations in the related activities.

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