Apple iPhone Explosion – Yes, Another One

iphone_homeAnother report of an iPhone Explosion is moving around the web today. This time the report comes from France where a French teenager claims to have been hit in the eye from a flying bit of glass caused by a screen exploding.

The report also mentions that the phone made the traditional hissing sound which followed by the screen breaking. Another report was recently mentioned a couple of weeks back from Liverpool where an iPhone was heard to be hissing and apparently jumped several feet in the air after being thrown out to the garden.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission in California also has documents outlining another 15 cases of burns cases as a result of people chilling out with their iPod tunes.

If true, these reports are kind of disturbing although we might just hear more about Apple’s products due to their popularity. I guess the one thing we can learn from this is that if your iPhone hisses then throw it in the garden to be on the safe side.

Via: GajIt and Yahoo


  1. All i can say is that every single night I talk on the iphone for like 6 or more hours and nothing has happen……. But….:( you never know…..

  2. wow so now the Iphone has a new use as a grenade

  3. Teery foster says

    I heard about a guy in Texas who lost one eye due to a piece of glass after his iphone exploded, he said that apple offered money to not send the history to the media. After see all these news I decided to buy another phone. Do you know any real safe and reliable brand?

  4. I just got an idea for my new app. But Jeremiah stole the name. iGrenade!!! All kidding aside, it just happened to my friend. That’s I stumbled accross this article. We’re camping and he was charging it. When he went to go get it the case was broken. Two weird parts though, it took hours to get to full charge and the screen is ok. It actually work ok. I know what it sounds like but I swear there was no physical trauma to the phone. It was let alone for the better part on the afternoon. Crazy!! He’ll go to apple store Monday. I’ll post the results of what happens there!!

  5. Apparently Apple don’t recognise the problem and send the responsibility to a company based in China that makes the lithium batteries for the iphone… and do you know that Apple “cut corners” to accelerate the production of the iphone by speeding up the safety tests which are supposed to last a while before a new product is available to buy to be sure that nothing’s wrong with it (they’re not the only ones that do this btw)… all this is a bit risky in my opinion. Apple would be better off admitting there’s a problem with their iphones and solving it instead of ignoring it because if at one stage a kid somewhere gets seriously injured by the iphone they will lose all credibility.

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