Apple iPhone App lets you Fake a Social Life

If you ever wanted to look popular to your friends, but don’t happen to be the popular type then this app could be perfect for you. The application is called iNotifyYou and is capable of faking notifications on your iPhone so you can show your friends that you are so popular because you have over 5,000 text messages waiting for your reply.

The application lets you alter notification numbers for any application that runs on your home screen.

The real reason the application exists is to allow iPhone users to clear the notifications when they appear on your home screen. When scrolling around the home screens of an iPhone it isn’t uncommon to see a number of red circles notifying you that there are messages waiting, updates to be performed and various other tasks that need to be done. The application simply lets you either wipe them out, or change the numbers if desired.

The application is available from iTunes and costs in the region of $2.

Via: Gizmodo

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