Apple iPhone 5 to Get Improved Battery Life

The next generation iPhone, iPad and iPod touch could see a boost in battery life, thanks to some work being done by Apple. The company has filed a patent to which they describe a battery with a higher cell density. The patent is entitled “Increasing Energy Density in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Cells” and attempts to slightly alter how the battery works.

What is interesting to note is that battery charge time will remain the same, but allow for a longer usage of products due to how that energy is stored within.

As faster processors are created along with other higher demands such as higher and brighter resolution screens, battery technology also needs to increase as to not kill a battery more quickly. On the flip side, companies that provide the processors and screens also attempt to make them more efficient, thus closing that gap a little.

Either way, it isn’t clear if the next gen products will get new batteries, or if this is a patent that is still in progress and will be used at a later date.

Via: BGR

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