Apple iPhone 4G Upgrades at AT&T – Eligibility Dates Change

If you currently have a contract at AT&T on an iPhone, go and check your upgrade eligibility date. You will probably find it has been changed and that a new message indicates that you will soon be able to upgrade to a new iPhone for a fee of $18 when signing up for a new two year contract. That isn’t to say that the iPhone 4G will cost you $18, that is the upgrade fee.

If you are an AT&T [T] customer, head on over to and click on the Check Upgrade Options when logged in. At this point you should see a message similar to the one below (if you are eligible)

What these improvements bring is the option for those who want a new Apple iPhone 4G, to upgrade without getting a nasty early termination fee. The $18 is all that will be needed to allow you to upgrade the contract + how much the new iPhone 4G costs on that contract.

We are just waiting now for the actual official announcement of the phone which we expect to hear today at WWDC by Steve Jobs in a few hours time.

Via: MacRumors


  1. FIRST!!! Keynote is over now I think:) Check it out on TUAW: the minutes were awesome! Price for 16GB is 199; price for 32GB is 299. Pre-order on June 15; Official release June 24th. Good times:)

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