Apple iPhone 4G Screen Unboxed on Video

The Apple iPhone 4G is just around the corner if rumours are to be believed (and if Apple [AAPL] follow their trend of releasing one phone per year). The latest video we came across just today shows what looks to be a 4th gen iPhone screen being unboxed.

The unboxing shows the screen (as in the whole front panel) and the screen it’s self encased on to the front panel. Clips are seen down the edges that appears to be in slightly different locations to previous models and a small circular cut out can be found right next to the speaker at the top for what we assume a front facing camera will be mounted.

Other noticeable changes include the front panel being slightly longer than the 3G S front panel although overall the front also looks to be slightly thinner in width.

Of course the screen spotted here on video might be a fake, but we thought we’d post it anyway as we draw nearer to June when it is expected Apple will announce a new Apple iPhone 4G (perhaps called the Apple iPhone HD to avoid confusion with actual 4G network devices).

A video below can be seen of the unboxing and the comparisons between the 3G and 4G screen…

Other rumours include the device using a Samsung Super AMOLED screen which is potentially true due to the new deal signed between Apple and Samsung to deliver iPad screens. Also a faster CPU is also expected along with a higher resolution camera on the back. All of which are just speculation as Apple will reveal no official details till the morning of the announcement (if made this year).

Via: CrunchGear and Nowhereelse

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