Apple iPhone 4G running iPhone OS 4.0 is Photoshopped

We posted earlier today about an Apple iPhone 4G (leaked phone) that was running what appeared to be iPhone OS 4.0. After some people did some investigating they believe that the OS 4.0 overlay is now fake and photoshopped on to the original picture.

Reasons for believing this to be the case is for a couple of things. The first is the left edge of the screen appearing to be too close to the edge making a smaller bezel than actually exists.

Also there is a grey strip that runs on the right side at the top of the screen. According to those in the know, this strip should continue all the way across the top of the screen to the left side of the device.

One final thing was that the original pictures captured and uploaded to the Vietnamese site were very clear where as this one was a little grainy which indicates they fiddled with some settings on the pictures to try hide some of the bad photoshopping work. We’ve seen this happen before where fake pictures are created.

Either way, it’s still an iPhone 4G that’s out in the wild somehow. We’ll find out the iPhone 4G release date within the next month if Apple [AAPL] follow tradition and announce next month.

Via: MacStories


  1. Another possible give away that this is photoshopped or at least fake could be that the text under the time is obviously vietnamese, shouldnt “slide to unlock” be in the same language? if you change a real iphone to another language the “slide to unlock” follows with the same text (language).

  2. Well the letters for slide from language to language

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