Apple iPhone 4G Concept Renderings

Another concept drawing of the Apple iPhone 4G (forth generation) has been created by a forum user called Seraphan that shows what he wants the iPhone 4G to look like.

Features in the concept include forward and rear facing cameras with the forward facing camera being used for video calls. A microSD card slot is also to be found on the concept allowing for the phone to be expanded. Also the colour schemes of the iPhone have also been changed from just black or white.

The only one of these that is a possibility is the forward facing camera as I doubt Apple [AAPL] will allow a microSD slot or a variety of colours.

The homescreen also has received an update pushing the grid of icons towards the lower half of the screen while the top end of the screen shows information such as time, weather reports and the amount of emails you have waiting.

Although it looks great I don’t believe this will be the iPhone we will be seeing in the next few months.

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