Apple iPhone 4.0 OS Leaked Details

Details of the new iPhone 4.0 OS were leaked to BGR recently with a few details of what we could be seeing as soon as next week. New features could include multi-touch gestures OS-wide which adds to the rumour of the iTablet or iSlate using the same OS when launched.

Multitasking has also been mentioned in the leaked information that allows applications to be run in the background with a “few new ways”. Changes to the UI on the graphics side have also been mentioned that are supposedly going to make using the device a lot easier and more efficient.

Although nothing was specifically mentioned on how it works, perhaps a new home screen could be seen in the OS. The update is only for the 3G and 3G S iPhones and rather than being smartphones the update is supposed to make them more like fully fledged computers.

The last bit of information provided is something to do with new syncing abilities for both contacts and calendar entries. The information as with most of the above information was very vague though. We’ll provide more details as we find the information.


  1. Movieman1942 says

    Give me flash I have an external power supply

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