Apple iPhone 4 – Skype Wants in on FaceTime Video Chat

When Apple [AAPL] announced the Apple iPhone 4 the other day, one of the new features called FaceTime was announced that would “finally” bring video calling to a mobile phone. However, we have seen this in the UK for maybe 7 or even 8 years now, but anyways!

We suspected the other day that companies like Skype would look to using or integrating with FaceTime that would allow video calls to reach beyond the current iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 requirement that is in place. If Skype could integrate it could allow the iPhone 4 to make video calls to millions of users on Skype and other video services.

Pocket-Lint spoke to Skype about this where they said it…

“would welcome the opportunity to work with Apple”, when it comes to enabling Skype video calls on the new iPhone 4.

“It’s clear to us at Skype that mobile video will become increasingly important to our customers in the coming year. We would welcome the opportunity to work with Apple to bring mobile video calling not only to our many millions of Skype users on iPhone around the world, but also to the countless more making video calls on desktops, TVs and other connected devices”.

We expect that Apple will probably stay closed off to 3rd party apps making use of FaceTime, but perhaps what Apple will still allow is the ability for Skype to integrate with the cameras. If that’s the case the company could still make an app that works with the forward and rear facing cameras although integration with FaceTime would make the system far more seamless.

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