Apple iPhone 4 Release Date – June 24 in 5 Countries

Apple [AAPL] just announced that the Apple iPhone 4 will be made available on June 24 in five countries which are the US, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan.

The US pricing has been announced at $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model. Each capacity model will come in either black or white as previous leaks have revealed.

International pricing is not known just yet although we suspect that will be either announced on the Apple site today, or closer to the pre-order date which start on June 15.

We’ll update the site with more details of the Apple iPhone 4 pricing as the information becomes available. [Engadget]


  1. i want apple iPhone 4 right now in my hand 😐 😛 😀 impressive phone…

  2. I just reserved a 32 gb black iphone 4 for pick up. Pretty excited

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