Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference to be Held July 16

Apple [AAPL] has invited press to a press conference tomorrow to discuss the iPhone 4. The reason for the press conference isn’t known officially but our best guess is that they want to talk about antenna problems.

Other things that could crop up at the iPhone 4 press conference tomorrow have been speculated to include a price drop for the iPhone 4 although we doubt it would be a good move for Apple to announce that in light of all the antenna issues they have been getting recently… that of course is unless they plan to give all iPhone 4 buyers some cash back for example.

We believe though that the press conference will relate to the antenna issues perhaps where they finally admit there is some sort of problem that needs to be addressed. It’s going to be an important day for Apple to rebuild reputation. Hopefully they say the right things!

Via: Gizmodo

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