Apple iPhone 4 Pre-order – Best Stick to Apple Store

Engadget are hearing that Apple [AAPL] could be blocking 3rd party retailers from allowing pre-orders tomorrow as mentioned below…

We’ve been tipped that Apple may now be blocking third-party retailers from taking pre-orders altogether tomorrow. RadioShack already changed its story on us, and now Best Buy locations have started doing the same, telling us that they definitely won’t be taking pre-orders tomorrow but may be by the end of the week. Bottom line — hit up Apple’s website in the morning.

Wise advice we think as retailers are starting to give back word on pre-orders.

No official announcement has been made about it, but check around tomorrow in each of the 3rd party stores if you still want to order from them as they might not have the iPhone 4 ready for pre-order.

We’ll keep you updated if we find any new information on this.

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