Apple iPhone 3G turned in to Wireless Hotspot for Apple iPad

For those who don’t want to spend an extra $130 + monthly costs on an Apple iPad 3G, but want to still connect to the internet when there is no wireless signal around, an application can now convert your Apple iPhone 3G/3GS in to a wireless hotspot allowing a wifi iPad or other wireless device to connect up and share the unlimited data.

The application is called MyWi and is available for download on Rock, ie, you need to jailbreak your iPhone to get it to work. Once installed you can load up the app, enable WiFii Tethering by switching it to On and a wireless network is then created allowing you to connect up your iPad and share the data connection.

A few things to note here are that jailbreaking your phone can cause problems if you are not careful, although it’s unlikely to cause any damage. Also when using wireless tethering the battery life on the iPhone will drain quite quickly, so don’t expect as many hours of 3G surfing through your iPhone as you would with an iPad 3G as the iPhone will die long before the iPad does.

The MyWi application can be downloaded through Rock (if you have a jailbroke device, you probably have seen this around), and it costs $10 although it does come with a 10 day free trial to test it actually works as you need it first.

Via: App Advice

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