Apple iPad to get Wi-Fi Fix

A number of Apple iPad users have noted that the Wi-Fi connectivity has been quite bad with connections often dropping. Reasons for this have been determined by some to be the DHCP lease expiring where the iPad needs to grab a new IP address and in so doing, has problems for some reason.

Temporary fixes have included disabling and re-enabling wifi on the iPad and in some cases, power-cycling the iPad (ie, switching it right off and back on). Of course, these work-arounds are not the ideal thing to have to do for something that should just work.

We are hearing good news though in that Apple [AAPL] are intending to fix the issue with a software fix sometime soon. It isn’t clear when a firmware fix will be release and how it will all work, but we assume it will be a 3.2.1 release or similar and hopefully they don’t make us wait till the iPad iPhone OS 4.0 release later on this year.

It is unclear how the fix will sort the problems out, but “if” DHCP is causing the issues then they might just extend the lease time, or just re code how the WiFi connection handles an expiring leased IP address.

Via: Gaj-It and Gear Diary

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