Apple iPad doing well in web browser share

Wired have reported that 26 percent of their mobile traffic comes from Apple iPad users. The numbers used on the chart were recorded from April 3 to April 19 and are broken down to iPhone/iPad, iPad and others.

Wired also comment that the sharp incline of iPad users also is followed by the same decline in iPhone and iPod touch users indicating that many users who own an iPhone/iPod now also own an iPad and have ditched the mobile for browsing on the iPad.

Looking at the Gadget Venue numbers, we don’t quite see the same 26% of mobile users on iPad but we do see 18% which is still impressive for such a new device.

It will be interesting to monitor this over the next 6 – 12 months to see what effect the iPad has on mobile browsing and if it will take a 50% share by the end of the year. The international launch in May should also see a bump up in those numbers.

Via: Wired


  1. I think that the iPad will take over most of the market for internet browsing by the end of the year easily.

  2. Get your Free iPad says

    Here i have a question, is the opera also available on iPad now?

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