Apple iPad gets a USB Typewriter

Most external keyboards for the iPad are designed to help you type faster. Also, they are designed to give you some tactile feedback which is handy for those who cannot, or do not like touchscreen keyboards.

The USB Typewriter for iPad certainly adds some tactile feedback. The USB Typewriter (as demonstrated below on video) actually works and allows you to tap out messages on the iPad. It connects over the 30 pin dock connector via a USB cable and lets you punch away on the keyboard. To get a line break you simple grab the metal lever and drag the top section to the right just like you do on old typewriters.

A USB typewriter is actually available to buy from Etsy and depending on which typewriter you buy, the cost varies from around $400 – $500. If you feel adventurous then you can buy the kit here to convert your own typewriter, or the owner also provides a device where you can send him your typewriter to convert. All typewriters are not restricted to the iPad and work generally on all items with a USB port such as a PC or laptop. The product page for the USB Typewriter can be found here.

Via: Technabob and Gizmodo


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    That’s e-tarded.

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