Apple iPad – UK Stores Open at 8am on Friday 28

The Apple iPad launch is just a few days away here in the UK. For those who didn’t pre-order and are going to be queuing up, Apple [AAPL] has decided to help out a little by letting you queue an hour less. Today, the company announced that Apple stores will be opening an hour earlier at 8am rather than 9am.

It isn’t known how much stock is available in each store, so it’s hard to judge if you need to be there early or not… as in begin queueing the night before for example.

Regarding the stock situation, we already know that pre-orders that are taken now will only ship “sometime in June” as Apple don’t fully know what stocks they will have available for next month. If you haven’t pre-ordered already then you might be in luck on Friday although you also might leave disappointed.

Will you be queueing all night? or are you just going to walk in at 8am and hopefully pick one up?

Via: Gaj-It

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