Apple iPad UK Pre-Orders now Shipping June 7

If you were hoping to have Apple [AAPL] deliver your iPad in the UK on the launch date of May 28 then you have already left pre-ordering too late as the new shipping date for pre-orders has just been changed to June 7 for all models.

It isn’t clear exactly why the date has changed, but it is either because the UK was allocated a little amount of stock, or that the UK all love the iPad and have pre-ordered in to the hundreds of thousands. We suspect with shortages in the US that the first option is the reason in that Apple allocated lower amounts of stock internationally.

This doesn’t mean you wont be able to pick one up from an Apple store on launch day although keep an eye out the day before on queues as in some cases they may be rather large.

We’ll keep you updated if the dates change.

Via: Apple


  1. nour el din zaki says

    i want to know about the IN-STORE availability right now or post 10th of june orders what will be their statues ?

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