Apple iPad UK – PCWorld and Currys Still Have Stock

The Apple iPad UK launch went well although good news is that not all locations have sold out of stock yet. On Saturday, PC World and Currys had a number of locations with 10+ iPads in stock and the situation is similar today although a few more stores are now out of stock when comparing what we saw Saturday morning.

PC World and Currys don’t specify which models they have available, but we suspect the iPad Wi-Fi+3G 16GB model will be a difficult model to get as this was commonly out of stock at several Apple stores that were called over the weekend.

If you still want to get an iPad in the UK then check out the stock update pages on PC World and Currys and make a few calls and get yourself down there today.

Did you manage to get a UK iPad over this weekend? if so, did you get the model you wanted or did you have to spend a bit less or more for another model due to stock issues?


  1. I was in 3 pc worlds / currys stores today (Monday) in the South east (Brent Cross/ Watford/ St Albans) area looking to buy a TV. They had loads of ipad stock in all 3 with all models available. Infact on Friday I was told PC world got 3 deliveries of ipads in the one day. Online if you look out of the 30ish sores only 3-4 are sold out with all the rest saying 10+ availibility.

    Ipads were never going to be scarce just good marketing by Apple. What better way to get people out to buy by kicking back the online delivery date!!

    I have also been told by the manager of Apple store in Brent Cross that Apple have suggested that they will allow student discount on ipads from beginning of July.

    Makes you wonder why people wasted their time on Friday when there was no need at all.

    I like the ipad, but already owning a mac book pro and htc desire I could see a use for it except for a life style gadget. Had it as standard been able to open word/excel docs maybe would have been a bit more tempting. Or have a cd drive or something.

    Google will be bringing their own tablet out in next 3 months so will be interesting to see how that comes up to scratch.

  2. Neil Lovatt says

    I’m not so sure, I was at two of the stores in Scotland today which were supposed to have 10 or more and they have been out of stock all weekend! The manager said that he wasn’t sure what was going on and said he was going to get the website updated. Four hours later the website at both stores still say 10 or more! Very dodgy marketing by PC World/Currys is you ask me.

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